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Muxtape no more, here’s 8Tracks…

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As an alternative to the now-defunct Muxtape, 8tracks operates along the same lines although restricted to 8, rather than Muxtape’s 12, tracks to create a mix.

More organised than Muxtape, listeners can search through mixes by artist or genre and stream the audio. Additionally, there is a small aspect of social networking in that you can follow people and their mixes, provide mix descriptions and artwork, and publish  a personal webpage. It also allows for the upload of MP3s as well as being able to select tracks from the 8tracks library for the creation of playlists.  One key aspect that differentiates this from other streaming sites is that is is apparently legal according to the website blurb.

8tracks believes handcrafted music programming trumps algorithms. Think radio in the 1970s, mixtapes in the 1980s, and DJ culture of the 1990s through today. DJs share their talent in taste making, providing exposure for artists. Listeners get a unique blend of word-of-mouth sharing and radio programming — long the trusted means for music discovery — on a global scale.

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February 5, 2009 at 8:47 pm

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