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RND, formerly Elemental Audio Systems, formally Roger Nicol Digital have released ‘FIREQ’, another EQ touted as being suitable for mastering purposes.

Based on the original ‘Frequal-izer’ code (which was basically a re-skinned ‘Firium’ from the EAS days), and being marketed as ‘Frequal-izer 2.0’, FIREQ offers the same set of tools and features as its predecessor(s) in terms of being FIR, 62 bands and offering a cloning option for capturing the audio fingerprint of a source file.

In their own words…

Finite Impulse Response Linear Phase Mastering Equalizer with Analysis and Matching

Is it worth buying? Probably not if you have Frequal-izer already. If you currently have Firium, it might be worthwhile if they have sorted out the problems with the artifacts being fed-back into the signals…

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Written by Robert

January 26, 2009 at 11:07 pm

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